Vrydag, 12 April 2013

Replacing paper with tablets -paperless, save money, countless resources

A month ago, Scarborough councillors voted to go the paperless route after much deliberation. As a result of their discussions, a proposal to provide fifty councillors from the east coast of Yorkshire with their own tablets for official use was drafted and subsequently submitted. Numerous studies have found that going paperless will save money and countless resources in the long run.

Now a decision has been reached, and the councillors have voted in favor of getting the tablets.

The Counservative-led council asserted that replacing paper with tablets would save £10,000 a year in printing and postage costs. Members also insisted that having these devices would be cheaper than getting laptop or desktop PCs which will cost about £12,000 per year.

However, not everyone agreed with the decision. Independent councillor Janet Jefferson, who voted against the plan, said: “I don’t think public money should be used in this way. We all have our own computers or are facilitated by the council with a laptop. I think if we do find we want them we can buy them ourselves.”

Ian Anderson, who is Scarborough Borough Council’s head of legal and support services, stated: “The council is always looking at providing efficient methods of communication. The provision of this equipment will radically cut down on the production of paper agendas, which includes printing and postage costs, and will provide a more efficient way for councillors to work.” Source

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