Saterdag, 06 April 2013

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101-B1

As usual Android users (and more intense users of the possibilities of the Android OS) I was the first GUI, the user interface so pleased. It's all the way to my Defy, just a tad bigger.

The reactions of capacitive Bildschirms were carried out at 99% directly and without delay, ie the performance of the two Tegra chips is well utilized here, although possibly at the various Android apps still needs to improve a little.

The processing of my device is perfect, no adhesive residue, as some had home here. But I'm also a unit of the B70 series, he, it certainly has a later revision.

I write straight on the dock, which is an extremely useful extension of the tab, and I am more than convinced of this, the full area metal finish around the buttons looks classy and sturdy. USB and SD card readers are also highly useful especially HERE ALSO WORK.

Have been able to watch movies from the external 320 GB drive.
The buttons on the docks of the same size as on my EEE 1000H, so my netbook. Therefore, the write "comfortable" nothing new for me. It can be written indisputably better than onscreen, but a full-size keyboard is probably even more comfortable but wait the moment you can connect from.

The battery life is very good compared with my smartphone, while my habs Sufstunden (and there were already some 4-6 hours) never got below 50%, without a dock by the way, but with brightness at level 5 (of 12).

The dock charges the way to the Tabinternen battery, ie The tab nuzt not have the energy for the operation of the dock also recharges itself over here only to myself, which I think is VERY good, even if it is associated with energy losses (load operations have nunmal in itself). So you can, the tab if it was docked, always take with guaranteed full charge from the dock, and this will depend first on the charger you get more durable portability, since the tab when I prop myself never to the can needs.

The plastic backs huh ... so I think it look very pretty, though would be "something metallic" was of course still edeler but the frame is metal, the back I see rarely, it saves weight if it is plastic. I do not think so bad that it is "only" plastic.

Dockeinrast The device looks very stable way, so should be sufficient to withstand the many docking operations.

Oh, the display the wide viewing angle is fantastic, and better ... wow ... so the colors at full brightness, there is enormous ... YOU can look like the photos  contrast are fantastic ( and after sampling, according as the iPad) and the brightness is absolutely fine. Neither LightBleeding (too bright / LEDs produce halo around the screen) is still too dark. Source

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