Woensdag, 03 April 2013

HP touchpad

Have now been 3 weeks an HP touchpad and am completely satisfied.

Web OS runs fine with multitasking, the apps now appearing gradually (10 to 15 per day) run smoothly, the performance is good to very good. Even the kids have their fun with the games.

What is very positive:

- Multitasking: that's really super successful
- Battery life: every 2 days to the grid, if you're not constantly watching videos
- Display: clear, bright and clearly visible from the side
- Sound: Very good sound quality, the HP Beats Audio
- Synergy: All email accounts together in one inbox. Setup is a matter of seconds
- Just type function: direct entry - no matter what - on the surface and it is looking for it everywhere, Hp touchpad internally and externally about all sorts of search engines that add automatically when you would like the
- Boot: I use the machine every day and had not even been rebooted for the OS update - a total of only a single time since I did it
- No closed system like Apple
- Surf works easily go over mobile wireless hotspot

What we needed to work on:

- Number of good and necessary apps, but there is one on a good path. Many German-language have been added the last days SOURCE

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