Maandag, 06 Desember 2010

Half the Weight, Twice the Adventure: Pregnacy Goes Preemie

For months, I've been anticipating the announcement of Baby Toolkit's newest geek.  It's been hard for me to keep quiet for months about our baby in development, especially as this pregnancy has been my most challenging.  This may make my posts about specific foods a bit more understandable.

BabyGeek1.3 (yet to be nicknamed) conspired with my AMA (Advanced Maternal Aged) body for a Beta release.  More clearly put, she was born prematurely at a 34 week gestational age.  Her weight, slightly less than a little sack of sugar, is about half that of our older kids.  The strong family resemblance makes her seem a miniature of Ranger and Scout as babies.  Even at a tender young gestational age, our littlest girl exudes personality and family traits.  When she puts on her Elvis lip and it transitions into a sly half-smile, the twisted Jones sense of humor seems strong in this one.  She's also been driving a few of the NICU nurses crazy with her physical strength and persistent desire to kick off swaddling devices.

The health problems that precipitated her birth are resolving themselves quickly.  Our little baby is growing leaps and bounds in NICU.  Ranger and Scout look forward to meeting her in person.

In the crazy hours surrounding her birth I realized (with regret) that I have read almost nothing about pre-term babies.  We have much to learn right now.

We proudly welcome this tenacious new member to our family.

~the Joneses

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